YOUTH are our hope for the future.
STRENGTHENING COMMUNITY BONDS is the way we insure there will be a future

Everyone, no matter who they are or what their circumstances, should have the opportunity to live to their highest potential in a safe and nurturing community environment. Many people living in underserved communities, including youth, adults and the elderly, do not have access to those opportunities. You can make sure those living without safety and opportunities have someone on their side to support their efforts to transform their families, communities and their lives by donating to ReWired for Change.

Personal and community evolution and healing can only be developed through compassion, dedication and the support of all free people.

We are all in this together and RWFC and YOU can make a difference. Without your help, our efforts to support sustainable change in disadvantaged communities and in the lives of high-risk youth can only go so far. Please consider a donation to RWFC – an organization dedicated to assisting people in their efforts to shift from survival mode to growth mode.

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